BBQ Reminder

The Welcome BBQ and presentation of 2017 awards is on Sunday 1st July starting at 3:30pm. We need to know numbers attending so that we can order food and drinks. Can everyone who is intending to come, please RSVP by Monday 25 June on the club website – members portal – booking instructions below.

Follow this link:

  • Log in as a member
  • On the calendar, scroll down to July 1 and click on 2018 Welcome and Awards BBQ
  • In the quantity drop down box, choose the how many of your family will attend
  • Click on View Event Cart
  • Proceed to Registration
  • Fill in booking contact information
  • Proceed to finalise registration
  • Log Out
  • You will receive a confirmation email in due course.



TSRC Athletes Named in National Alpine Ski Team

Australian National Alpine Ski Team – Congratulations Madi Hoffman and Henry Heaydon

Congratulations to all 10 athletes selected to the Australian National Alpine Ski Team (NAST) announced last week. Particular congratulations to our TSRC athletes Madi Hoffman and Henry Heaydon, along with TSRC alumnus Sami Kennedy Sim. Hard work has paid dividends.

Selection  criteria this season have been tightened, but there are still opportunities for other athletes to be named to the team at the end of the Southern Winter.

Well done Madi and Henry

The 2018/2019 National Alpine Ski Team

Women – Alpine

Greta Small

Maddison Hoffman

Women – Ski Cross

Sami Kennedy-Sim

Men – Alpine

Alec Scott

Dominic Demschar

Harry Laidlaw

Henry Heaydon

Louis Muhlen-Schulte

Men – Ski Cross

Anton Grimus

Douglas Crawford

For additional information see the SSA web site “news”



RSVP before 26/6/2018 
on the TSRC Website
    • Follow this link:

  • Log in as a member
  • On the calendar, scroll down to July 1 and click on 2018 Welcome and Awards BBQ
  • In the quantity drop down box, choose the how many of your family will attend
  • Click on View Event Cart
  • Proceed to Registration
  • Fill in booking contact information
  • Proceed to finalise registration
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  • You will receive a confirmation email in due course.

President’s Update 3

Hello all,

A quick TSRC update following the opening long weekend.


The club house is cleaned and ready for the season thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers on the Saturday morning of the long weekend. A special thank you to Michael Di Ramio  (Caterina FIS) and Emma Maynard (Jack Under 14) who did an amazing job – along with lots of other willing helpers – including many of our training members.

Lockers have been allocated (by age group) and are ready for you to set up. Please do not alter the order of lockers – many people have already set theirs up with hooks and baskets.

Club House keys

If you already have a clubhouse magnetic key please bring it along to training for this year. It should still work – if it doesn’t – please see Geoff in the office. If you need a key (all training members should have one) they can be obtained from Geoff in the club house and require a deposit of $25.


All the uniforms have now arrived – with small sizes in vests and raincoats available for those who missed out last year. Michelle Braysich (Sasha under 14 and Claudia under 16) and Carolyn Hardman (Catherine under 16) with a number of much appreciated helpers managed to get everything unpacked and sorted over the long weekend. If you need anything for the first weekend of training – the uniform shop will be open Saturday 30th June in the morning and afternoon and on Sunday 1st July – morning and afternoon.

Training Day Bookings

Please Please – if you have not done so can you go onto the TSRC website and put in the training days that your athlete/s will be training. Do not include days that they will be competing at interschools. Do put in all days they will be training – including ANC and SSA FIS races for FIS athletes and TSRC Cup and SSA children’s carnival for under 14’s and under 16’s. We must have an accurate account of athletes’ training plans to ensure the right number of coaches. We need to let KT know 10 days in advance what coaches we require – so we must have an accurate head count. If we have too many coaches it costs everyone $. If too few coaches  – very large group sizes. This is not fair to the athletes who have registered so you may not be able to train. So PLEASE help us (and you) out – by keeping your training days up to date – including any add on days. Any problems please email Geoff in the office and he can assist you. The Cut-off date for days to be accurately in the system for the first weekend (30th June and 1st July) and the first week of training –  is tomorrow Tuesday 19th June. So please ensure your training days are entered.

Welcome BBQ – 1st July 3.30pm

The Welcome BBQ and 2017 awards are scheduled for 3.30 pm Sunday 1st July. We are hoping that many parents, athletes, siblings and friends of TSRC are able to attend. You will receive a separate email invitation in the next few days. To help us with catering (we don’t want to run out of sausages),we would appreciate it if you could respond to the TSRC website link on the invitation. Hoping to see all families there.  

TSRC annual dinner

The annual TSRC Parent Dinner will be held on July 7th at 7pm. The invitations will be issued shortly – with RSVP details. Please reserve the date as we would love to see as many current parents, TSRC alumni and friends of TSRC in attendance as possible. It’s always a great night.  

TSRC Alumni

TSRC is now 46 years old. We have many fantastic alumni – ranging from those who have been through the club and now have their own families involved, to those who have just finished their racing careers, those who are racing overseas, and some having a break for injury or school. We are keen to establish an Alumni list so that we can include interested TSRC Alumni in our communications, volunteers pool, and invite them to participate in TSRC events- races, welcome BBQ and Annual Dinner etc. If you are, or know someone who is a TSRC Alumni,  could you please send us your details?


Email address

Phone number

Concussion baseline testing

A number of people have asked about concussion baseline testing. While not a mandatory TSRC requirement – we do support the SSA ‘s recommendation of baseline concussion testing.

The advantage of doing a baseline concussion test is that each athlete then has their own record. If an injury occurs, the pretest results can be sent to your treating doctor as part of their neurological assessment. Athletes can also use the baseline testing results if they play other sports.

SSA has partnered with the HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme, an organisation which provides sports concussions solutions from the grassroot levels up to the elite.

SSA has negotiated a 40% discount for SSA members to do the online baseline test via Headsmart (cost reduced from $25 to $15). For more information please go to the SSA website.

TSRC Buy and Sell

If you have equipment to buy or sell  there is a buy and sell section on the web site. All arrangements are between the buyer and seller – TSRC only facilitates via the web site functionality.

Great for skis that have been outgrown and other equipment that may be useful to other athletes. In addition you can include items that you wish to sell or buy on the notice board in the club house with your contact details etc.

How to post on Buy and Sell on the TSRC Website

  1. Log on to the members section of the website
  2. Click on BUY AND SELL – in the red banner across the top.
  3. Click on Items for Sale – in the grey side banner (right hand side)
  4. Fill in the Topic Title eg “145cm GS Skis For Sale”
  5. Write (or cut/paste) a description of what you are selling in the area below the title. No photos can be added to the description but you can send photos by email or SMS when potential buyers contact you. Make sure you include your contact details – email and mobile phone number.
  6. Click on Submit – at the bottom of the page – don’t worry about Topic Tags, Topic Type or Topic Status – leave them as is.



A Message from the Head Coach

Anyone not sure about equipment please hold off until coaches have a look at how athletes are skiing.
Some U12s will not require slalom specific skis however freeskiing (wider body skis without heavy plates and bindings, preferably “all mountain “skis with a bit of side cut) will be compulsory for all age groups this season. If you have twin tips, that will do.
It will not be necessary for all athletes to have race and training skis for both disciplines, rather we (coaches) will help keep one pair for each discipline in good shape for the Southern Hemisphere “preparation” season. If skis are damaged during the season we can look at getting new skis when required.
Any urgent questions regarding equipment please call Joe on 0402 321 557.
Keep in mind that some questions regarding appropriate length of skis will be hard to answer until we see ability of skiers.


BBQ and Volunteers

Thredbo made snow last night and the bottom of the supertrail is looking much better! More snow is expected this week.

Some information about upcoming events:

  1. On Sunday July 1 at 4pm we will be holding our Welcome BBQ and 2017 Presentation at the clubhouse. Come along and enjoy a sausage and congratulate the winners of the various trophies for last season.
  2. TSRC has had a long time arrangement with Redlands to supply them with officials for the Redlands Cup – this year’s date is Monday 16 July. We need volunteers for 4 roles per race course -Starter, Start Ref, Finish Ref and Chief of Gates. Redlands provides all Gate Judges and Start Marshals. This is a great event to get more experience in any of these roles.
  3. As a part of our agreement with the resort, TSRC provides “Starters” for all Interschools races held at Thredbo. This year this means the Northern Region Interschools from July 10 to 14 and State Interschools from August 22 to 25. We usually need 3 or 4 volunteers each day to work with the Thredbo Race Department in the Start Box. Please keep this in mind when you are drafted as a volunteer for your child’s school (ie keep one day free to volunteer for TSRC).
  4. This year the TSRC Cup is on Saturday July 28 and Sunday July 29.  We will need volunteers to help set up on Friday and then work in a variety of roles on-course and off snow on the two race days. All parents are needed as volunteers to run these races.


Please add all of these dates to your diary and remember that the club runs smoothly because of parent volunteers. I will send out more information about each event as the date approaches.


FIS Commendation of Excellence for TSRC

TSRC has been awarded a certificate of excellence from Peter Gerdol, the FIS Continental Cup Supervisor on behalf of FIS. This certificate recognises our outstanding organisation of the 2017 Australia NZ Continental Cup series we hosted last August. (I have attached the certificate below.)

These accolades are not handed out often( indeed, I don’t think in 16 years I have seen one) so TSRC and its Race Organising Committee, BJ and Richard, KT, and our timer extraordinaire Bob Morris should be rightly proud.

Running this event depended on a motivated and capable team of, volunteers, parents and athletes. Our child athletes popped in and out of the course as slippers during their training so should also be congratulated for their part in the overall series’ success.  It was both educational and inspirational for them to watch extremely high calibre athletes in action.

There were many levels of assistance from a multitude of people- on hill, set up and through race week, office preparations, liaison with  many coaches and international athletes, liaison with TDs, ticketing, tuning space procurement, accommodation, catering, awards, as well as the actual Captains meetings and races themselves. On behalf of the TSRC 2017 team I would like to thank all those involved.

Felicity Bidencope

Certificate FIS




President’s Update 2

Dear TSRCers and TSRC parents and guardians

While TSRC training does not start for a few weeks yet (Saturday 30th June) there is an immense amount of planning and organisation going on behind the scenes in the run up to the season. A special thanks to Richard, Rob and Geoff who with Joe have already put many hours into the forthcoming season.

A few things:

Long Weekend in June – Saturday 9th to Monday 11th  

As  you are aware there is no training on the June long  weekend – though the club house will be open (from 1pm Saturday 9th June) for you to set up lockers, purchase uniforms and to say hi to friends old and new. Please note the information below in relation to the long weekend.

Volunteers needed on the long weekend  – to sort uniforms and give the club house a final tidy  – 9.30am Saturday 9th June

We are looking for a few volunteers on Saturday 9th June – from 9.30am to 12 noon – to help give the club house and lockers a final clean (Richard has done a lot of the cleaning hard work already) and to help with a stocktake and sorting and putting away the new uniforms. If you are able to assist (even for an hour) could you email Geoff at  – all assistance greatly appreciated.

Access to clubhouse to set up lockers from 1pm Saturday 9th June  

The Long weekend it’s a great time to set up the athletes lockers. If you would like to set up your child’s locker on the long weekend the club house will be open from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday  9th June, from 10am to 3pm on Sunday 10th June and from 10am to 12 noon on Monday 11th June.

Please do not come into the clubhouse before 1pm on Saturday 9th to set up lockers – as we will be  cleaning – and we will not have allocated lockers.  

If you are not sure what you need to set up your athletes locker – the best thing is to pop into the club house and have a look at some of the lockers and to  ask some of the other parents what they have used in the past. Baskets for gloves and hooks etc are popular. A quick visit to the hardware shop in Jindabyne is often on the cards! A couple of things we would advise;

  • a kitty litter tray (or something similar) with either a towel or rubber matt in it – to go at the bottom of the locker so that wet skis can drip into it.
  • a towel in the locker to wipe down skis
  • a padlock – combinations padlocks are in my opinion are best – as lost keys seem to be a regular occurrence. We do have bolt cutters if needed!

Uniform shop

The TSRC uniform is important – not just for the spirit (and pride) of belonging to TSRC – but also to identify the TSRC athletes on the mountain (for lift priority etc).

No uniform  – No training.

The uniform shop will be open on the long weekend at the following times;

Saturday 9th July 1pm to 4pm

Sunday 9th June 11am to 1pm .

If you are unable to make theses times – please contact Geoff on and we can arrange a time that is suitable.

For those people who ordered uniforms at the AGM – if you are able to pick up uniforms on the Long Weekend that’s great. If not – no problem – the uniform shop will also be open on: Saturday 30th June, Sunday 1st July, Monday 2nd July as well as the following weekend. In addition you can always contact Geoff in the office – and he can organise a suitable time. TSRC mums – Michelle Braysich (Claudia under 16  and Sasha under 14) and Carolyn Hardman (Catherine under 16) – have taken over the uniform shop this year – so please – when you see them – thank them for the great job they are doing.

Clubhouse keys

Athletes will all have a magnetic key to allow them access to the club house. For returning athletes please bring your existing keys with you. If they need reprogramming we will organise this either on the long weekend (if you are down) or on your first day of training. For new athletes keys will be available on the long weekend, the first weekend of training – or at any time by contacting Geoff in the office. There is a $25 deposit for the magnetic keys which will be returned to you when the keys are returned. Lost keys are at a cost of $25.

New Members

If you are new to TSRC this year – welcome to the TSRC family. The TSRC Registrar, Adrienne Halley (Charlotte under 16) has been in touch with you by way of separate email correspondence with additional information. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything – please just ask. Adrienne has many years of experience from having her own children in the club and as an ex TSRC racer herself. She is always happy to help. In addition any of the parents or committee members are always happy to answer questions or offer advice – we are fortunate to have an amazing parent body at TSRC.

Social events  

TSRC committee member Fiona Cobcroft (mum to Daisy TSRC alumni, Mini under 16 and Jasper FIS) will shortly send out invitations to a number of  upcoming social events. We hope very much to see you at these events.

If you could note the following for your diary:

  • TSRC welcome BBQ and award presentation – Sunday 1st July. All parents, athletes, coaches and TSRC alumni
  • TSRC annual parent dinner – Saturday 7th July   – All TSRC parents, coaches, adult alumni and friends of TSRC  

Training Days – registered on the TSRC website

Please check the days that you have registered on the TSRC web site for your athlete/s to train  – this is really important in ensuring we have the right coaching resources at the right time. If you have entered your days into the system – and then you need to amend them (to add or subtract) then please contact Geoff on We need to know at least 10 days in advance of any changes to standard training days. If you are adding additional training days – you can do this via the website – again please make sure this is done by the required deadline – see below.

Add-on training days deadlines – applies to all age groups including FIS:

Each block of Add-On training has it’s own deadline on the website. We need to book coaches with the Ski School the day after each deadline, so if you miss the deadline or make a late decision to join Add-On Training, there may or may not be space in the training group for your child. If there is no space, they will not be able to join the group to train – we can’t book extra coaches at short notice.

            Training Block                Deadline

  • Week starting 25/7 – 15 July 11:55pm
  • Week starting 30/7 – 22 July 11:55pm
  • Week starting 6/8 – 29 July 11:55pm
  • Week starting 13/8 – 5 August 11:55pm
  • Week starting 20/8 – 12 August 11:55pm
  • Week starting 27/8 – 19 August 11:55pm
  • Week starting 3/9 – 26 August 11:55pm


SSA membership, Physical literacy and Skills testing.

Don’t forget to register for SSA physical literacy and Skills assessment. Full details are on the TSRC web site and the SSA website.

There are three things to register for:


  • SSA Membership


Information regarding SSA memberships is available via the SSA link:


  • Alpine Physical Literacy Clinic TSRC training will be held prior to the athletes attending the physical literacy clinics.


The online registrations for the NSW (Jindabyne) Alpine Physical Literacy Clinic is via –

U14 Athletes – Saturday 14th July – 2pm to 6pm  

FIS/U16 Athletes – Sunday 15th July – 2pm to 6pm  

Venue: Jindabyne Sport & Recreation, 207 Barry Way, Jindabyne, NSW


  • TSRC SSA Skills Assessment – Registration closes July 10th


The online registrations for the SSA TSRC Skills Assessment is available via the SSA  –

The TSRC SSA Skills Assessment will be held on July 17/18  – with the plan being that older athletes will do skills assessment on 17th July and younger athletes on 18th July.  

Please let us know if you have any questions or we can assist in anyway at any time. Looking forward to seeing many of you in Thredbo this coming long weekend.

Kind Regards




More SSA Information

Please see below for important information on SSA Membershipregistering for Alpine Physical Literacy clinics (Jindabyne Saturday 14th (under 12yr and under 14yr athletes) and Sunday 15th July (FIS and Under 16yr athletes) and registering for SSA TSRC Skills assessment to be held at Thredbo on 17th and 18th July. In addition a parent/family education evening  which is being conducted by SSA on 11th September in Jindabyne.

 TSRC fully supports the SSA Skills Testing and Physical Literacy days, and recommends that all TSRC athletes attend. These activities form part of our training program – there will not be alternate TSRC training available on these days. The Skills Assessment will take a full day whereas the Physical Literacy will be an afternoon session preceded by on-snow training in the morning. Age groups are split over two days for both programs eg. for the Skills Assessment U16/FIS are rostered on Tuesday 17th with standard training for U14/U12 on that day, vice versa for the second day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above – or any aspect of the forth coming TSRC season.

The weather report tells us its snowing in Thredbo – with the forecast for some cold nights ahead –  so hopefully the right conditions for the snow guns to really fire up.

SSA Membership

The SSA Membership is now open.

All the information regarding memberships is available here:

What is included in the Alpine membership can be accessed via this link:

Alpine Physical Literacy Clinic

The online registrations for the Alpine Physical Literacy Clinic is now open – link –


  • U14 Athletes – Saturday 14th July – 2pm to 6pm* – Jindabyne Sport & Rec (*revised times)
  • FIS/U16 Athletes – Sunday 15th July – 2pm to 6pm* – Jindabyne Sport & Rec (*revised times)

Venue: Jindabyne Sport & Recreation, 207 Barry Way, Jindabyne, NSW

Further information is available here:

Skills Assessment

The online registrations for the TSRC Skills Assessment is now open – link –

The TSRC Skills Assessment will be held on July 17/18 – Registration closes July 10

Event schedules will be available closer to the skills assessment date.

Further information is available here:

Educational Forum

The online registrations for the Educational Forum is now open – link –

The Educational Forum will be held during the SSA Children’s Carnival and the FIS Junior National Champs. Families of the Club Racer, Junior Racer and Alpine Racer are invited to attend.

Event details:


  • Educational Forum – Tuesday 11th of September – 6pm to 9pm – Jindabyne Sport & Rec

Venue: Jindabyne Sport & Recreation, 207 Barry Way, Jindabyne, NSW

Further information is available here:


SSA Membership

All training members of TSRC need to be financial members of SSA. All U12, 14 and 16 athletes will need Junior Alpine Racer membership and FIS Athletes will need Alpine Racer membership. You will need these to register for SSA Physical Literacy Clinics, Education Forum and National Skills Assessment as well as race entries for all FIS races and SSA Children’s Carnival

Follow this link to the registration page:



Training bookings deadline is closer than you think!

Hi all,

A reminder that all training bookings for the Standard Programme – school holidays and weekends – are due to completed on the TSRC website before May 31 – next Thursday. During the week after that I will transfer all booked dates onto the training spreadsheet for Joe and Richard to use to book coaches.

The booking process is:


You will need to book Standard Program days separately from Bookings for Add-On Training Days.

Each block/week of Add-On training has its own deadline – which is on the web site – rule of thumb is approx. 10 days prior to the training day. These deadlines will be published after the long weekend.

Get back to me by email if you have any issues.




President’s Preseason News

TSRC AGM 6th May

Thank you to all the members who came along to the AGM on Sunday 6th May. It was a great turnout, an informative meeting and we enjoyed meeting a large cohort of new members.

The meeting welcomed, as guests, members of the SSA “team”, and Adam Hosie, Snow Sports General Manager of KT.

Mick Branch (SSA Alpine Director), Shawn Fleming (SSA Ski Cross Coach), Lachlan Clark (SSA National Alpine Committee Chair) , Rebecca Clark (SSA Alpine Administration) and Daniel Bosco (NSW Snowsports Chair) represented SSA. Mick provided an excellent overview of the SSA Alpine and Ski Cross Review and Roadmap. There was robust discussion and explanation for members’ queries about the new plan. Mick emphasised that TSRC has the staff and facilities to implement the pathway successfully. A special thanks to Charlotte Murphy, a TSRC athlete, who expressed her support for the new Roadmap. Her interpretation of its benefits vs shortcomings of the preceding system provided us all with much food for thought.

The SSA Alpine and Ski Cross Review is essential reading for all alpine athletes and their parents and is available on the SSA website. Daniel Bosco spoke about unification, and along with Rebecca Clark their intention to engage with the NSW Universities regarding assessment of athletes’ suitability for “extra ATAR points” as elite athletes.

Richard Davis, Club Captain and Joe Draxl, Head Coach, supported by the TSRC Committee, have already been working closely with Mick and Shawn to implement the strategic plan’s recommendations in our 2018 training programme. If you have any questions on the SSA Roadmap and its implications for TSRC please do not hesitate to  contact us on   

Richard and Joe have already put many hours into season planning, and Geoff Greentree has been setting up the administrative background necessary. We thank them for the hard work they’ve already performed.

Adam Hosie reaffirmed KT’s commitment to TSRC operating as an independent elite ski racing club in Thredbo.  Adam provided background about the Thredbo Mountain Academy – in particular, the streams offered i.e. moguls, slopestyle, rider cross and multi-discipline. For those seeking to concentrate specifically on taking their alpine racing beyond  interschools to the highest level, Adam reiterated that TSRC provides that pathway. The relationship between TSRC and KT is one that we highly value. We look forward to working closely with KT throughout the 2018 season and beyond.

TSRC Committee

The AGM also saw some changes to your TSRC volunteer committee.  

Steve Weeks stepped down from the committee after 17 years including 9 years as President.  We extended to Steve our gratitude for his lengthy and positive contribution to TSRC, anticipating a brief hiatus before his granddaughter hits the slopes. Steve – we look forward to still seeing you in Thredbo. 

Felicity Bidencope stepped down as President after 4 years in the role but will stay on the committee. We extend our thanks to Felicity for the great job she has done as President and during her time on the committee prior to becoming President. There are a lot of hidden hours and “corporate” club and race memories that go into managing TSRC operations. Felicity has worked tirelessly for many years (in particular in 2017 with the ANC races) sometimes to the detriment of her own business, to ensure the smooth operation and development of TSRC. 

We were pleased to award Felicity TSRC Life Membership at the AGM in recognition of her contribution to the club over the last 15 years, a small token of our immense appreciation for all she has done for TSRC.

We are delighted to welcome Adrienne Halley and Kim Selig to the TSRC Committee for 2018. Adrienne was a TSRC training member herself, and comes from a family with a long ski racing pedigree. She will take on the Registrar role. Kim, parent of 3 TSRC athletes, has also been involved with school ski racing and NSW Alpine as Treasurer for many years.

Your TSRC volunteer Committee Roles for 2018:

Sarah Brennan                       President

Richard Davis                         Club Captain

Robert Schuitema                   Secretary, Treasurer 

Dr Felicity Bidencope              Past President

Fiona Cobcroft                        Functions/Events

Adrienne Halley                      Registrar     

Damian Huon                          IT

BJ Kaufmehl                           Race Director, Past Club Captain             

Jamie Neill                             

Justin Punch                           Volunteer education and awards                             

Kim Selig                                 Incoming Treasurer                        


The TSRC Uniform is important. It identifies our athletes to others, and gives a sense of unity to the athletes. All athletes must be in correct uniform to train. No uniform- no training.

Uniforms will be for sale on the June long weekend at the TSRC club house, hours TBA. The uniform shop will be open during the first few days of the Training Calendar – or by appointment through Geoff in the office.

We are thrilled that Michelle Braysich and Carolyn Hardman have taken on the roles as 2018 Uniform coordinators. Thank you both.

2018 Membership renewal

The 2018 TSRC Membership (including renewals) letters were sent on Friday 11th May, 2018, including a Child Safety Declaration and the TSRC Code of Conduct. These forms MUST be completed and fees paid before training can commence. 

All athletes must carefully read the Code of Conduct and sign it, co-signed by a parent. Please discuss it with them. Our Club operates by this Code of behaviour and respect. Transgressions of this Code may be the basis for disciplinary action. 

Child safety is paramount and as such, the Child Safety Declaration must be completed by all parents and volunteers.  

Training days / the website

If you have not registered your training days on the website please do it as soon as you can. It must be done before 31st May. We must have accurate information about athletes’ intended attendance to book the correct coaches from Ski School. We prefer not to be over staffed with coaches (costs everyone money) or understaffed (not fair to the athletes).  

If you are having any trouble navigating the process, logging in, electing to receive training posts, or putting in training dates please let Geoff know.

Remember to save your athletes’ booked days as a pdf for your record before you exit that page. This is the simplest way to have an overall record.

Please do not register for the days you will not be in Thredbo, or dates that athletes will be competing in Interschools races. If plans change please update Geoff via email. Bookings cannot be undone via the website.

To ensure that you receive all TSRC communications please register on the right hand column to receive training news (posts) for your athletes’ age group(s) and also for the “general” updates. Your athlete may also register to receive training updates if they have an email address. However, ONE parent and ONE email should be the operator of the booking process.

SSA “physical literacy clinics” 

SSA is conducting “physical literacy clinics” in which, although not compulsory, we encourage all TSRC athletes to participate. The cost of the clinics is included in your SSA membership. Further details on the clinics and registration are provided on the SSA web site.

The clinics are scheduled for Saturday 14 July (U14) and Sunday 15 July (U16-U18) in Jindabyne,12pm to 4pm.

TSRC training will dovetail with the clinics, likely to be an on-snow session in the morning with the afternoon free for the clinic 

Thredbo Season Passes – Special offer for TSRC training members

If you have not yet purchased a season pass for your TSRC athlete – Kosciuszko Thredbo has a special offer available for TSRC training members. This special offer applies to the 2018 Winter Pass: 

·        Winter Lift access 

·       Leisure centre Access 

Child / Student price     $669.00 (GST incl) 

This offers expires at 5pm on Monday 12th June, 2018 after which date, the standard retail rates will apply. TSRC Training members can only purchase the applicable pass from Thredbo Guest Services, Valley Terminal. To take up this offer this contact Geoff Greentree on You need a letter confirming current TSRC membership to show Guest Services – so you must complete your TSRC membership forms and payments first. 

Note – Season Pass protection is available for an additional $30. Season Pass Protection will entitle you to a full or partial refund on a Season Pass where an injury or medical condition precludes or significantly limits ability to use the pass throughout the entire pass duration. 

The season lead up is always busy. We will keep you informed should there be any relevant information, and try not to swamp you with too many emails but PLEASE LOG IN AND REGISTER YOUR TRAINING DAYS ASAP!!!!

If you have any questions at all please let us know via   

Kind regards

Sarah Brennan


2018 Training Bookings

Bookings for training days on this website (in the members area) is now open. Each parent should have received an email with complete instructions. If you missed this email, contact Geoff at