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Last reminder re survey

We’re up to 100 respondents, hoping for 150. Have all you US athletes and parents filled in the survey? Just because you’re offshore we would still like your opinions!

How about our Queenslanders? Jindabynians?

HSC is over so no excuses from FIS athletes.

All committee members and their athletes?

Newbies and oldies.

There are only 12 questions to answer so we would really appreciate a last minute “rally to arms” to make next season as good as it can be.




Expressions of interest close November 1 for ALL teams to go to Whistler Cup and Northern Hemisphere FIS children’s races  -Those athletes born 2001 and 2002 wishing to apply to NSW ACT Alpine for selection to  the NSWACT U14 Team… Continue reading

2014 Feedback Survey

Good morning TSRC Members and Parents,   Thredbo Ski Race Club is conducting a survey to gather your feedback from the 2014 season and suggestions for 2015. We feel it is very important to gather this “post season” information to assist us with… Continue reading