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Meeting this Saturday with SSA-NAC representatives

There is an open meeting this Saturday evening for all NSW athletes and their families with Brad Wall, National Alpine Program Director of the National Alpine Committee and Lachlan Clark, Chairperson of the same. This is to be held at 5 pm at Middle Harbour Yacht Club at the Spit, Mosman.

This provides an opportunity for you all to explore any queries you may have in relationship to alpine racing situation in Australia. There have been various queries raised this year amongst our members and  include the following-  race schedules for various age groups, allocation of races to resorts, appropriate terrain for those races ,U 12s only having one ssa race series, skills testing- should it be open to all?, FIS race calendar efficiency for example. (This is not an exhaustive list)

I strongly encourage you all to attend so that Brad and Lachlan can address your queries and understand issues that may be common to us all.