Thredbo Ski Racing Club


TSRC offers an Education Program for our athletes that includes:

  • Generic letter to schools - available in early March - parents please contact me if you need one of these for your child’s school

  • Parents to organise a school meeting to discuss the program with class teacher, Year Advisor and other school leadership team members - late March and again in late May.

  • Athlete/Member specific/personalised letter to schools - April/May - start of Term 2 

  • Tutoring Program - July 25 to September 1

  • Assessment Task / Test / Exam supervision

  • Printing and scanning documents 

  • Confidential emailing to schools

  • End of Season Report

  • Support for leave applications that include the TSRC Northern Hemisphere or Apex2100

The Tutoring Program runs in Thredbo on Monday and Tuesday. There will be a Tutor supervising on each day who will be able to assist with Mathematics & English.

Snow Australia  is again partnering with TSRC in the  development of this pilot program. This assistance includes the introduction of a Digital Platform designed  by PHM that will facilitate individual athlete monitoring on a daily/weekly basis across the athlete well-being pillars of sport, education, and personal development. 



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