Thredbo Ski Racing Club

FIS Program Info & Requirements

The 2024 training program is created to align with TSRC’s role in the Alpine pathway, Snow Australia’s (SA) Alpine Roadmap and the Kosciuszko Thredbo (KT) requirement for TSRC to be a performance orientated club.  

TSRC accommodates skiers from U12 through to FIS level and all TSRC training programs are created and supervised by our Program Director.

All TRSC athletes need the appropriate SA membership (covers insurance) and a Thredbo winter season pass that allows access to the Thredbo Leisure Centre.

FIS (2008 and older)

This program is designed for ski racers who wish to compete against top national and international athletes under the international FIS system. The program will continue to focus and refine fundamental skills and movement patterns. This will be achieved by a mix of technical free skiing, skills and drills in and out of the brush and gate environment. The program will follow a structured seasonal progression to allow a step-by-step approach.

The program moves from an initial focus on developing fundamental skill all the way though to race simulation and end of season FIS National Championship racing.

When athletes are on the hill in the early mornings it is imperative they obey their coaches’ directions. There may be snow cats grooming ski runs using a winch cable. It is extremely dangerous for athletes to ski on any run that is not allocated for training on that day. To do so will result in passes being pulled and may result in entire groups or even the Club being unable to participate in early morning training sessions.


Minimum Requirements FIS

  • Birth year 2008 and older
  • Base program cost $TBA which includes 45 training days. Additional add-on days at $TBA / day
  • Minimum expectation of 45 days on snow to be eligible for nomination to TSRC the following year. Lenience will be shown towards Year 12 students in regards to min day count.
  • Minimum day count includes Snow Australia and FIS sanctioned racing. Interschools racing NOT included in minimum day count. 
  • Consistent attendance and maximum training days on snow encouraged. Target of 60+ days.
  • High level of physical fitness for your age including off-season training. Encouraged to take part in TSRC physical preparation program (TBC).
  • Compete at FIS National Championships & TSRC Cup. Potential to compete at FIS ANC Continental Cups dependent on level and schedule (TBD with Program Director & FIS Coach)
  • Attend all Snow Australia activity incl. Skills Assessment and all physical & educational initiatives
  • Equipment required: 2x Slalom 2x GS & 1 x All mountain ski.
  • Race Boots, fitted and aligned.  FIS approved Helmet + chin guard for SL.  Back brace. SL protective equipment, shin + pole guards.
  • Ski tuning – performed by athlete daily. All tuning equipment required. Coach guidance supplied for education.
  • Encouraged to use NSW Interschools Exemption rule (to skip Regional Interschools)
  • Thredbo season pass including Leisure Centre access required
  • Accommodation required
  • Daily food provided by athlete
  • Northern Hemisphere training/racing required
  • Remote learning for winter/part-time school required to meet on snow commitment
  • Attend Club activity days and camps
  • Uniform required
  • FIS athletes must register through Snow Australia for Alpine FIS membership and licence.


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