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Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started


2024 Membership renewal for Training Members is open from 7 March to 31 March. Membership renewal and registration for other membership categories will be available in April.


Training Membership - $100 per training member per annum. This membership only available to invited athletes. All U12, U14, U16 and FIS Training Members must have this membership paid up. Snow Australia Membership - all Training Members must be financial members of the relevant Snow Australia category, either Club Racer (for U12, U14 and U16) or National Racer (FIS) - this will need to be upgraded to International Recer if you are going to compete outside of Australia.

Parent Membership - all parents must sign up with TSRC before the start of the training season to ensure that they have agreen to all Policies and Terms and Conditions.

Non-Training Membership - $20 per family per annum. A chance for families/individuals to remain connected with the club after their training experience has ended. This membership category does not allow the member to register for SA or FIS Races in Australia.

Club Associate/Competition Membership - $500 per individual per annum. This membership allows individual athletes to register for SA or FIS Races in Australia as a TSRC member while not training with TSRC. This membership does not allow the member any rights to join the TSRC Training Program

Overseas FIS Membership - $500 per individual per annum. Membership for FIS athletes who are on the Snow Australia NAST or ETP list who wish to be affiliated with TSRC. There is no immediate right to use of the clubhouse and access to the training  program.

All members in all categories must agree to and abide by the various policies and terms & conditions included in the on-line registration page in the TSRC website. The most important points to note are:

  • training members must maintain the minimum skiing ability as determined by the Program Director. All Suitable Athletes are invited to apply for membership in the following season. Being a performance based SA pathway provider means not all athletes will receive this opportunity in the following year.This includes meeting the minimum required training days during the Australian winter: FIS, U16 and U14 - 45 days; U12 - 35 days.

  •  All fees paid before the training program starts unless agreed to by the Treasurer

  • Parents to participate in clubhouse cleaning roster

  • Members to understand and follow the Alpine Responsibility code. Parents must discuss this with their children. Skiing dangerously or not following coaches instructions that endanger the safety of the public will not be tolerated & maybe subject to disciplinary action

  • The Program Director and coaches will determine all aspects of the training program including but not limited to the composition of training groups, the daily training program and days off training. Our coaches are highly trained & experienced professionals so please respect their judgement

  • Parents must refrain from interfering in the training program including but not limited to following/shadowing training groups, speaking to coaches about training outside of organised interviews and being in the clubhouse during busy periods - start and finish of the training day and break times.

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