Thredbo Ski Racing Club

Pathway Program Provider

TSRC is recognised by Snow Australia as a Pathway Program Provider. The whole of sport framework (FTEM) used broadly across multiple sports by Sport Australia and adopted by Snow Australia to specifly represent Alpine creates a clear and defined purpose for our Club program.

It is to support and move athletes from the participation phase, into the performace phase of the pathway throughout their time in the Club. To clarify this by referencing the FTEM framework, our Club is operating in the participation phases of F2 & F3 and accomodating those who have the potential to move into the performance phase of T1 through the Talent Identification process known as the Emerging Talent Program (ETP) or National Alpine Ski Team (NAST) selection. 

This is an important piece to understand as it gives a transparent view into what role our Club plays in the greater Alpine community. It is also to ensure an understaning from current and prospective members of why certain policies, procedures and expectations are placed on training members in order to better align with the framework.


The ETP identification process has been developed and aligned in the Alpine pathway as a stepping stone from the Children’s age groups to NAST. This will typically occur in the latter year of the U16 age group into the 1st year of FIS competion if an athlete shows competency across the holistic identification parameters.

This coach discretional identification process is an important tool for the Club and it’s coaches to utilise in identifying future talent. It will also help educate athletes and parents from the younger age groups to better understand the level and commitement expected to move into the performance phase of the pathway in the coming years.



As part of the recently approved TSRC Strategic Plan, the Club will introduce yearly selective membership for all athletes, commencing 2022. Athletes will be monitored throughout the season on a range of important criteria and personal characteristics to meet the minimum expectations of the Club whilst aligninging with our purpose as a SA pathway program provider.

The monitoring of all members by Program Staff will include an overview of skill level relevant to age and expectation, attendance (minimum day count), skills assessment results, attitude, focus, effort, motivation, commitment to sport, physical fitness, equipment care, behavior, leadership, teamwork and race results (Snow Australia and FIS races only). Given the requirements on criteria are met to an acceptable standard, and dependent on athlete number projections, selected athletes will be invited to attend TSRC as a training member for the Northern Hemisphere (TBC) and the following Australian winter.


Specific to 2nd year U/16 moving into FIS  - Given the increased level, demands and expectation of the sport continue to grow for those wishing to progress in the performance pathway (T1), so will those of the Club in the future. This will ensure a closer alignment with the ETP and NAST criteria for athletes in their final year of U/16 and into the FIS age group. The basis for our yearly selection around this age group will be:

  • athletes identified to ETP or NAST, or
  • athletes who show potential of tracking towards identification of ETP.    

For athletes who are not seen to meet the minimum requirements of the Club, or do not wish to persue the growing expectations of the sport into the performance pathway, there will be the opportunity to transition into the KT Mountain Acadamy Alpine program. This program is specifically designed to cater for passionate athletes who have a strong Alpine racing background and wish to coninue training and competing in the participation pathway.



The 2022 training membership and it’s program is created to align with TSRC’s purpose as a pathway provider in the Alpine pathway, Snow Australia’s (SA) Alpine Roadmap and Kosciuszko Thredbo (KT) requirement for TSRC to operate as performance orientated club.  

TSRC accommodates skiers from the U12 age group through to FIS level and all TSRC training programs are created and supervised by our Program Director.

More detailed expectations relevant to age groups will be found on the website soon. Most importantly this includes the attendance rate (minimum day count) required as a training member of the Club.

All TRSC athletes need the appropriate SA membership (covers insurance) and a Thredbo winter season pass that allows access to the Thredbo Leisure Centre.


ATTENDANCE (minimum day count)

Consistent attendance rates and maximal time on snow with the appropriate skill focus is the only way to develop fundamental skiing skills. Developing those fundamental skills in our athletes is the number one goal at TSRC and part of our role as a pathway program provider. It’s the only way an athlete will have a chance at continually moving down the pathway of the sport with it’s ever increasing demands. It is crucial to ensure athletes are keeping up with their peers around the world with respect to total of number of days on snow per year. Driving up attendance rates is imperitive to make best use of our Australian winter. To some degree, it will also lessen the need and cost of young athletes spending large amounts of time overseas away from family, friends and support networks.

With this in mind, the need is apparent to continually drive up the  minimum expectation of attendance rates on snow from our members. It’s important to understand, the best interests of the athlete are in mind when creating these minimum expectations.

For a number of years TSRC have implemented a minimum day count of 30 program days to be an eligible member for the following year. That number of days includes TSRC training days and Snow Australia sanctioned races. It does NOT include Interschools race days. The 30 day minimum was a good starting point for the Club but seen as a bare minimum for any athlete aspiring to become a ski racer. As we continue to evolve as a Club so will the minimum number of days required to be eligible as a member the following year. This year will be the first increase heading towards our goals for the future.

Further into the future, our goal is to see every TSRC member getting up and beyond the 60+ days on snow during the Australian winter. The TSRC program generally operates for around 80 days each winter. In addition, and depending on snow depth there is around 2 weeks pre and post the TSRC program to freeski. The total ski season operates for around 110 days. We need to utilise this to the best of our ability.

For 2022 the updated minimum number of days will be relative to your age group. This info, along with other expectations as a training member will be in a separate document. 



As a training member of TSRC it is mandatory to compete in Snow Australia sanctioned races. For the U14/16 age groups this is the Snow Australia National Children’s Series. For the FIS age group this is the Australian National Championships.

The FIS Continental Cup series is optional and will depend on your age, skill level, and location of race. This can be discussed with the Program Director.

All TSRC athletes, U12 though to FIS, are expected to race in the TSRC Cup.


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