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Thredbo Ski Racing Club (TSRC) Head Coach, Craig Branch, has been named 2021 Snowsports Coach Club of the Year at the Snow Australian Community Sport Awards.

The three-time Winter Olympic Alpine Skier has been leading the Thredbo Ski Racing coaching team for the last three seasons and oversaw six coaches and 53 athletes during the 2021 season.

This year, Branch’s role expanded to a full time role as Program Director at TSRC, aligning to the clubs strategic vision.

Branch shared what it meant for him to win this award and be recognised for his efforts in the club.



Club of the Year 2019: Thredbo Ski Racing Club

The Thredbo Ski Racing Club was awarded Club of the Year, for their commitment to encouraging and supporting participation in Snowsports and their work done to align themselves with the recommendations from the Snow Australia Alpine review.

Thredbo Ski Racing Club (TSRC) contributes to the lifelong love and participation in snow sports of its current and past members. The Club priorities are on skill development and progression of its athletes, time on snow, academic support, commitment to training and mentoring of the younger athletes from the older athletes.

TSRC has been committed to aligning with the National strategy to deliver on the key objectives set out in the Performance Pathway Framework, providing a best practice environment to enable athlete’s the opportunity to maximise their long-term development. The club has a track record of producing performance athletes, including 12 Winter Olympians. At the SSA Children’s Alpine Championships this year, TSRC athletes won three out of four overall champions awards. Four members of the current National Alpine Team are TSRC alumni.





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