2018 AGM notice


TSRC  will hold its AGM at 10 am on Sunday 6th May, 2015 at Norths Leagues Club, Abbott Street, Cammeray, North Sydney. 

The TSRC committee invites ALL its members ( both new and already existing) to join us on the date above.
We will be having  our usual AGM, office bearer elections and uniform sale following the meeting.

I am delighted to introduce two special guests, Mick Branch and Adam Hosie to our AGM this year.

This year is the first year that the Australian ski racing community will be operating within the new SSA Alpine and Skiercross strategic map  published in February 2018.
Please find link as follows if you have not yet read this carefully to do so.
Mick Branch, the SSA National Alpine Director  will join us to give our membership further information about this programme, and answer questions from the floor.
It is vitally important that all  involved in Australian ski racing understand the rationale and ramifications of this plan, developed to create “champions” , and to develop our junior racers’ skill development which is integral for future skiing excellence and success.
Adam Hosie, Director of Thredbo Ski School will also be joining us. We are absolutely dependent on the Thredbo resort and its management for our continued operation and appreciate all the efforts at many levels this organisation provides. We continue to work closely with KT to achieve  best possible training outcomes for our athletes. With Adam  joining us, it is an ideal opportunity for “cross fertilisation” of ideas and discussions, so I thank Adam very much for his assistance in making the trip up from Thredbo to join us.
The committee expects ALL members to attend this year’s AGM. This is the forum for discussion about training programmes, schedules, planning , finances. We cannot make decisions reflecting members’ needs if we do not have their input.
New members need to attend so they get a better understanding of the club and the sport to which they are signing up.
Uniforms will be available at the conclusion of the meeting.
The training schedule is almost ready for release, and this shall be sent out shortly.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on 6th May 10 am at Cammeray.
Warm regards
Dr Felicity Bidencope