About Thredbo Ski Racing Club

Since its inception in 1972,Thredbo Ski Racing Club has been one of Australia’s premier alpine ski racing clubs. TSRC is a sporting club run by a committee of parents and past parents, with non-training members and parents providing all the major associated non coaching roles, both on and off the hill. TSRC is supported in its endeavours by Kosciusko Thredbo Limited which provides  athletes with first class racing and training conditions on Thredbo mountain.

 The primary goal of TSRC is to provide a safe, enjoyable, yet challenging ski racing environment for its athletes, and to assist each athlete maximize his or her potential in the sport. TSRC caters for all levels of racing athletes, facilitating development from young eager competent ski racers to the highest-level racers in the country.

Over the years TSRC athletes have had many successes, representing TSRC on Olympic teams, National teams (Adult, Junior and Children) and State teams. Our racers have been regular participants in World Championships, World Cup races, Europa Cup races, World Junior Championships and FIS International Children’s Races. TSRC has also been the home training club for many Australian National Open, Junior and Childrens Champions.

TSRC coaches are all experienced professional race coaches, under the leadership of Head Coach Trent Kaufman, sourced with the assistance of Thredbo Ski School.

TSRC membership carries with it various responsibilities. Responsibilities to fellow athletes and  coaches, Thredbo Mountain staff, parents and volunteers, help athletes develop both in sport and in other aspects of their lives. It is expected that all TSRC athletes observe  the club’s code of conduct and the Thredbo mountain code of conduct.

TSRC alumni recall TSRC  training and competition as one of the most positive experiences in their lives, in all cases making close friendships which have endured beyond their ski racing years.

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