Interschools and Redlands

TSRC provides volunteer officials at the Redlands Cup and any Interschools events held at Thredbo. We need a total of 35 volunteers to fill all of the positions needed at these races. So far we have filled about 9 individual places. I would like to allocate each person only one volunteer position. We still have State Interschools to go (with a similar commitment to Northern Interschools) and we will all be needed “on deck” for the TSRC Cup and Children’s races later in the year.

Redlands Cup: Monday 16 July – we supply Start Ref, Finish Ref, Starter and Chief of Gates for 6 race courses.

Northern Interschools: Tuesday 10 July, Wednesday 11 July, Thursday 12 July Friday 13 July and Saturday 14 July. We only supply a starter to each racecourse (except Moguls) but there are usually 3 race courses each day needing a TSRC volunteer.

Training offered for anyone who doesn’t have any experience in these areas.

Please email me with your preferred day, time and job.