President’s Update 3

Hello all,

A quick TSRC update following the opening long weekend.


The club house is cleaned and ready for the season thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteers on the Saturday morning of the long weekend. A special thank you to Michael Di Ramio  (Caterina FIS) and Emma Maynard (Jack Under 14) who did an amazing job – along with lots of other willing helpers – including many of our training members.

Lockers have been allocated (by age group) and are ready for you to set up. Please do not alter the order of lockers – many people have already set theirs up with hooks and baskets.

Club House keys

If you already have a clubhouse magnetic key please bring it along to training for this year. It should still work – if it doesn’t – please see Geoff in the office. If you need a key (all training members should have one) they can be obtained from Geoff in the club house and require a deposit of $25.


All the uniforms have now arrived – with small sizes in vests and raincoats available for those who missed out last year. Michelle Braysich (Sasha under 14 and Claudia under 16) and Carolyn Hardman (Catherine under 16) with a number of much appreciated helpers managed to get everything unpacked and sorted over the long weekend. If you need anything for the first weekend of training – the uniform shop will be open Saturday 30th June in the morning and afternoon and on Sunday 1st July – morning and afternoon.

Training Day Bookings

Please Please – if you have not done so can you go onto the TSRC website and put in the training days that your athlete/s will be training. Do not include days that they will be competing at interschools. Do put in all days they will be training – including ANC and SSA FIS races for FIS athletes and TSRC Cup and SSA children’s carnival for under 14’s and under 16’s. We must have an accurate account of athletes’ training plans to ensure the right number of coaches. We need to let KT know 10 days in advance what coaches we require – so we must have an accurate head count. If we have too many coaches it costs everyone $. If too few coaches  – very large group sizes. This is not fair to the athletes who have registered so you may not be able to train. So PLEASE help us (and you) out – by keeping your training days up to date – including any add on days. Any problems please email Geoff in the office and he can assist you. The Cut-off date for days to be accurately in the system for the first weekend (30th June and 1st July) and the first week of training –  is tomorrow Tuesday 19th June. So please ensure your training days are entered.

Welcome BBQ – 1st July 3.30pm

The Welcome BBQ and 2017 awards are scheduled for 3.30 pm Sunday 1st July. We are hoping that many parents, athletes, siblings and friends of TSRC are able to attend. You will receive a separate email invitation in the next few days. To help us with catering (we don’t want to run out of sausages),we would appreciate it if you could respond to the TSRC website link on the invitation. Hoping to see all families there.  

TSRC annual dinner

The annual TSRC Parent Dinner will be held on July 7th at 7pm. The invitations will be issued shortly – with RSVP details. Please reserve the date as we would love to see as many current parents, TSRC alumni and friends of TSRC in attendance as possible. It’s always a great night.  

TSRC Alumni

TSRC is now 46 years old. We have many fantastic alumni – ranging from those who have been through the club and now have their own families involved, to those who have just finished their racing careers, those who are racing overseas, and some having a break for injury or school. We are keen to establish an Alumni list so that we can include interested TSRC Alumni in our communications, volunteers pool, and invite them to participate in TSRC events- races, welcome BBQ and Annual Dinner etc. If you are, or know someone who is a TSRC Alumni,  could you please send us your details?


Email address

Phone number

Concussion baseline testing

A number of people have asked about concussion baseline testing. While not a mandatory TSRC requirement – we do support the SSA ‘s recommendation of baseline concussion testing.

The advantage of doing a baseline concussion test is that each athlete then has their own record. If an injury occurs, the pretest results can be sent to your treating doctor as part of their neurological assessment. Athletes can also use the baseline testing results if they play other sports.

SSA has partnered with the HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme, an organisation which provides sports concussions solutions from the grassroot levels up to the elite.

SSA has negotiated a 40% discount for SSA members to do the online baseline test via Headsmart (cost reduced from $25 to $15). For more information please go to the SSA website.

TSRC Buy and Sell

If you have equipment to buy or sell  there is a buy and sell section on the web site. All arrangements are between the buyer and seller – TSRC only facilitates via the web site functionality.

Great for skis that have been outgrown and other equipment that may be useful to other athletes. In addition you can include items that you wish to sell or buy on the notice board in the club house with your contact details etc.

How to post on Buy and Sell on the TSRC Website

  1. Log on to the members section of the website
  2. Click on BUY AND SELL – in the red banner across the top.
  3. Click on Items for Sale – in the grey side banner (right hand side)
  4. Fill in the Topic Title eg “145cm GS Skis For Sale”
  5. Write (or cut/paste) a description of what you are selling in the area below the title. No photos can be added to the description but you can send photos by email or SMS when potential buyers contact you. Make sure you include your contact details – email and mobile phone number.
  6. Click on Submit – at the bottom of the page – don’t worry about Topic Tags, Topic Type or Topic Status – leave them as is.