The TSRC Clubhouse is located near Valley Terminal, adjacent to the old Ramshead Chair lift platform. We are privileged to have this facility, and ask that all members respect the following Clubhouse Rules.

  1. A magnetic key to the front door of the Clubhouse is provided at the beginning of the season to each new member. Replacement keys for returning members cost $25.
  2. Lockers are provided for each training member and require a padlock. The lockers hold approximately 4 sets of skis and shelves for other gear. Baskets/ hooks (from hardware store) can be attached on the inside of the doors to hang helmets, jackets and so forth.
  3. Members should have a towel or chamois in their locker to dry their skis every afternoon before putting them away. This avoids skis rusting and the bottom of the lockers rotting. Boot liners should be removed and taken home every night to dry.
  4. The ski tuning area is for training members only – this is not for tuning parents’ or siblings’ skis. All members need their own tuning kit. Coaches will teach the athletes how to tune their skis. Skis should be tuned so that they are in good condition for EVERY training day. Please make sure your tuning kit includes gloves to protect hands, and also a substantial supply of bandaids. LABEL EVERYTHING WITH YOUR NAME.
  5. The tuning room is available for parents of U12’s after 8pm at night, to tune the U12 and U10 skis.
  6. Training members are not allowed to bring friends into the Clubhouse nor store family or friends’ skis.
  7. Bring trainers and tracksuits for dryland training every day, and your TSRC t-shirt.
  8. In 2014 BJ and Kim Clifford built a fabulous new kitchen, which we want to keep looking NEW for years to come! There are microwaves, fridges and sandwich toasters in the Clubhouse, but no plates or cutlery. They go walkabout. Bring your own utensils with your lunch.
  9. NO hot chips. We suggest that members keep a supply of drinks and healthy snacks in their lockers. Be warned:  if your coaches spot you eating unhealthy food there could be extra push ups on your dryland programme that day!
  10. Members are responsible for keeping the Clubhouse and kitchen clean. Untidy kitchen = no access to the kitchen. There is a cleaning roster manned by 1-2 families per day. Geoff will distribute this roster and remind parents on the daily post for cleaning duty.
  11. If gear is left out of lockers (‘filed’ on the floor or benches!), it is very likely to disappear or be given to the wombats. Please encourage your children to respect their Clubhouse as it is there for their benefit, and it would be a shame to swap valuable skiing time for cleaning duties.
  12. The Clubhouse is primarily for the training members. We welcome parents to come in to check notice boards during the day, or drop things off quickly but please try to avoid the Clubhouse at peak ‘traffic’ times. You are most welcome to come around via the front door to the office or email, phone or leave a message.