We are very proud of our uniform, and our training members wear it with great pride. We expect all training members to wear the correct uniform for EVERY session of training, including dryland training. Athletes cannot load the lifts while training unless in uniform.


Uniforms items are ordered and sold by the Club. Our current supplier is Karbon, who also supplies technical uniforms to many national teams. Uniforms are available for sale after the AGM, or from the Clubhouse for the duration of the season.

For a price list or to place an order, please call or email Michele Braysich on 0408 673 351 or Michelle@alphawealth.com.au,

or Carolyn Hardman on  carolynhardman@webone.com.au 

or see Geoff Greentree in the office during the season.

Raincoats and backpacks will also be available for purchase.

Neck warmers if worn should be black.



Black Logan Jacket with TSRC motif (a waterproof shell)
Adult/mens sizes only – 3XS to XL


Black Endeavour Jacket with TSRC motif (a warmer, water resistant padded outer jacket)

Childrens/junior sizes 8 to 16


Black Karbon softshell with TSRC motif is a non waterproof outer layer or a wind protector inner layer worn under the Logan shell (or a fourth layer on cold days). This is easy for the kids to take off when training in race suits or on race day because there is no need to take off helmets.


Hoodies are available and must be worn for dryland training, in the Clubhouse and when representing the Club at awards ceremonies. They are also worn by the kids when skiing – like a fleecy/middle layer.


Patagonia vest (male and female version) will have the TSRC motif on the front. This is a new item that will provide an extra layer or a light outer layer for warm days.


Black Karbon side zip up pants (important for race day to have side zips)
Childrens/junior sizes 8 to 16
Adults/mens sizes 2XS to 3XXXL

Side zip pants are essential. The kids wear these over their race suits, and are able to easily remove them to train in their race suits when required.


Black Wolf have created a special race day backpack with separate pockets for boots, clothing and helmets, and the TSRC motif.

Optional layer ­ Black Fleecies
Kids/juniors sizes XS to L
Adults/Mens sizes XS to XXL