FIS Commendation of Excellence for TSRC

TSRC has been awarded a certificate of excellence from Peter Gerdol, the FIS Continental Cup Supervisor on behalf of FIS. This certificate recognises our outstanding organisation of the 2017 Australia NZ Continental Cup series we hosted last August. (I have attached the certificate below.)

These accolades are not handed out often( indeed, I don’t think in 16 years I have seen one) so TSRC and its Race Organising Committee, BJ and Richard, KT, and our timer extraordinaire Bob Morris should be rightly proud.

Running this event depended on a motivated and capable team of, volunteers, parents and athletes. Our child athletes popped in and out of the course as slippers during their training so should also be congratulated for their part in the overall series’ success.  It was both educational and inspirational for them to watch extremely high calibre athletes in action.

There were many levels of assistance from a multitude of people- on hill, set up and through race week, office preparations, liaison with  many coaches and international athletes, liaison with TDs, ticketing, tuning space procurement, accommodation, catering, awards, as well as the actual Captains meetings and races themselves. On behalf of the TSRC 2017 team I would like to thank all those involved.

Felicity Bidencope

Certificate FIS